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Kastelli Kissamos is the capital of Kissamos province, west of Chania city. It has about 5.000 permanent residents who are mainly occupied with agriculture, fishing and tourism.

Kastelli Kissamos is in a distance of 36 kilometers from Chania city. The road that connects them is the recently constructed new national road of West Crete and is in excellent condition. Apart from the car, you can get to Kastelli Kissamos very easily by the KTEL public bus services of Crete, as there are many daily routes from Chania city.

Kastelli Kissamos is well known for its beautiful beach and the wonderful bay of Kissamos. The bay of Kissamos is the longest bay in Crete, and is formed by the peninsula of Rodopou on the east and the peninsula of Gramvousa on the west, both of which are a paradise for nature lovers, as they have been untouched by tourism during the last decades, and they are places where the natural flora and fauna of Crete has been preserved.

In Kastelli Kissamos you will find the westernmost port of Crete and the biggest in the area. From here there are everyday excursions to Gramvoussa islet, to Balos beach and to other places in the area. From this port there are also routes to Peloponnese and the beautiful island of Kithira.

Apart from the commercial port, Kastelli Kissamos also has a fishing port, on the western edge of the town, which is very close to Elena Beach. In Kastelli Kissamos you will find all these things that make holidays pleasant and comfortable: traditional taverns and fish taverns, cafes, bars, super markets and mini markets, stores of every kind, pharmacies, banks, and confectioneries. Don’t forget to taste the organic agricultural products of Kastelli Kissamos, which are known in the area.

Kastelli Kissamos, as it is built in an area of big strategic importance through the centuries, is of great interest regarding history, too. The area has been continuously inhabited by the ancient Minoan years, and flourished for many centuries later, in both the era of the Romans and the Venetian era.

From the Roman period the beautiful Roman Baths of Kastelli Kissamos have been left. The archaeological interest of this town is so big, that a specialized Archaeological Museum of Kissamos has been created, which we suggest you visit. We also suggest to visit the known Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, which was founded in 1905 and in which there is a weaving workshop.

However, from all the old civilizations that have resided in the area through history, the Venetians were the ones that left the most visible marks. They built a big castle in the town, the tall walls of which were surrounding the whole settlement during those years. From this castle, the “castello” as it was called by the Venetians, originates the first word of the name of the town: Kastelli Kissamos. Today, in some parts of the town, you can see scattered many remnants of the Venetian Fortifications, which date back to the era of the Venetian heyday (16th century).

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